We will always be in awe of the amazingly intricate patterned skins, shells, feathers & furs of Planet Earths wildlife! We want to save the world for them! So we can continue to be inspired by the creatures that roam this crazy planet!

So as the world we live in is becoming more eco conscious so are we!!!

Here are some of the ways you are doing your bit to save the planet by supporting a small independent brand like Planet Apex!

Slow Fashion - "is a movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity"(The Good Trade)By buying from a small independent brand like Planet Apex you are instantly reducing your carbon footprint; supporting fair wages and reducing waste! How insane is it that shopping from a small business can have such a positive impact on the planet!

Making - Each item is made by our head Alien Molly in our Liverpool studio. Fair wages only; no sweatshops here!

Waste - All fabric waste that is produced is kept in our scraps bin. The nature of our garments is piece work so we use scraps in making other items. We aim to send unusable waste to a fabric recycling plant to be made into new fabrics.

Packaging - All our packaging is either compostable, reusable or easily recyclable!

Fabrics - We source our Lycra's from a UK supplier; They are increasing there supply of regenerated fabrics from recycled plastics & we love using them!(look in the product description to see the fabric contents) We realise that our foiled stretch fabrics aren't as eco as we would like them to be, but by making to order we are reducing stock waste! Which has a huge positive impact on the environment!

Components - We buy components from independent haberdasheries; therefore we supporting more UK based small businesses! 

We are always trying to do more to leave less of a trace on Planet Earth. 
Watch this space as we (& the rest of the world) are on a mission to save the Planet!